Mr. Paleo Journey (updated June 1st!!)

On July 22nd 2013 I started my Paleo Lifestyle.

 I was a food loving, cocktail drinking, CPAP wearing, God fearing family man that recieved horrible test results that Dr. Windley (Integrative Medicine) had ordered the last week of June. When the doc & I met to discuss these results and my severe obesity (288#, 6'1", 43yrs old) the 1st week of July I knew a lifestyle change needed to take place. When I say bad I mean bad! I was 2 shakes of a lambs tail away from going on a RX for Diabetes. Why did I wait from the 1st week of July to the 4th week to make the change? I was being selfish. I wanted to live it up Smitty style 1 more time the weekend of July 19th my 25th Class reunion.

 Monday following that class reunion indulgence weekend I started my Paleo Lifestyle process. The Mrs. would prepare her standard meals (meat, veggie, starch) and I would eat what was appropriate. The Mrs. and family didn't start their transition until the 1st Saturday in August. I know the exact date for 1 simple reason. The Mrs. and I joined our local Crossfit gym (which our dear friends own) on a 30 day trial bases and took on their 30 day Paleo challenge. Dr. Sam (owner aka Sug) prepared the meal plans for breakfast, dinner, supper, and snacks. Sundays during August were spent grocery shopping and preparing meals for the week ahead. Once the challenge was over and the meal plans stopped the Mrs. signed up for Paleo meal planning via This resource has provided awesome meals for our family. There are items on there that we would never have fixed or paired with items that we had fixed.

Mrs. was not sucked into the Crossfit beat down as I was. I was going 6 days a week and trying out why I needed the 7th day to rest. I was fat, out of shape, and down right pathetic. The CF warm up of 1/2 mile run, 10 air squats,10 push ups, 10 pull ups, 10 sit ups, & 10 back extensions would wear me out. Once the WOD's began I would already be short of breath and ready for a nap. During the last week of August we did a WOD known by the name Filthy Fifty. I was not able to complete it in the 35 minute time frame. The last week of January the Filthy Fifty showed up once again and I was able to complete it in 25 minutes & 45 seconds. That is what makes me a Crossfit loving, paleo munching, Anti Gluten, God fearing family man. 
Proper Food Is A Drug!! Proper Excercise speeds up the healing process!

July 2013                              288lbs
September 2013                 268lbs (20lbs lighter)
October 2013                       248lbs (40lbs lighter)
December 2013                  228lbs (60lbs lighter)
February 9, 2014                218lbs (70lbs lighter)
May 23, 2014                      198lbs (90lbs lighter)

- 20 LBS

-40 LBS

-60 LBS

-90 LBS